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Position Paper: "Water for Life"

On the occasion of the Bonn2011 conference "The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus - Solutions for the Green Economy", the GRÜNE LIGA published the 12-page brochure "Water for Life", which addresses key international challenges such as the human right to water and sanitation, European river basin management and international dam plans. The position paper was produced in cooperation with Forum Environment and Development, Global Nature Fund, infoe, Lake Constance Foundation, Netzwerk unser Wasser and International Rivers. For the realisation of the German edition (February 2011), Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Netzwerk Lebendige Seen Deutschland could also be won as cooperation partners.

positionspapier_water_for_life_103x145-equal.jpgThe position paper can be downloaded here (pdf 1.02 MB).

Position paper: "The economic instruments of the Water Framework Directive as an opportunity for water protection"

In the view of the GRÜNE LIGA, the opportunities offered by the application of the economic instruments of the Water Framework Directive are still being underused. Besides some successes and promising approaches, there are a number of deficits and an urgent need for action. All this is outlined in the position paper "The economic instruments of the Water Framework Directive as an opportunity for water protection". This brochure is also intended to contribute to the current debate on the advisability of unrestrained waterway expansion (p. 21), the debate on the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (p. 22) and comprehensive resource protection.

positionspapier_oekonomische_instrumente.jpgThe position paper can be downloaded here (pdf 1.61 MB).

Position Paper: "EU Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020: CAP Reform must deliver to safeguard Europe's waters"

The EEB position paper "EU Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020: CAP-Reform must deliver to safeguard Europe's waters", drafted by the Federal Contact Point for Water of the GRÜNE LIGA, deals in particular with the need to anchor fundamental, obligatory measures of the Water Framework Directive in cross compliance, i.e. to provide for them as an obligatory condition for the payments of the 1st pillar (direct payments) of the European Agricultural Policy. EEB, 2012.

The download of the position paper is possible here (pdf 1,12 MB).


Position Paper: "The EEB's Main Priorities on the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water Resources"

The GRÜNE LIGA welcomes the results and proposals of the European Commission's Water Blueprint and, together with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and other German and European associations, advocates for improved policy coherence at European level

material_main_priorities_blueprint_100x142-equal.jpgThe download of the illustrated, English-language abridged version of the EEB commentary on the Water Blueprint is available here (pdf 1.49 MB)


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