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Demonstration on 22. March 2024 for World Water Day

WasserZeichenBerlin2024The importance of water for our life on Earth is undisputed. It nourishes us, cools us, rejuvenates us. In Berlin, the water supply system is currently in crisis. To draw attention to the urgent problems and to emphasize the need for binding solutions, our Water Policy Office, GRÜNE LIGA Berlin and the initiative "WasserZeichenBerlin" calls for a demonstration on the occasion of World Water Day on 22. March 2024.

Our demands:

1. consistent water retention and effective protection of our water bodies;

2. improved protection and enhancement of natural habitats in and around water bodies

3. binding measures against the drying out of small bodies of water and the lowering of the groundwater level;

4. community-oriented revitalization of urban water bodies and shoreline areas;

5. promotion of environmental education programs and campains;

6. introduction of innovative recycling methods for sustainable water use.

The route starts from the main train station along the banks of the River Spree to Lustgarten on Museum Island. The march will be accompanied by two boats. A mid-rally is planned at Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, very close to the memorial site "Weiße Kreuze."

Further information in German language about WasserZeichenBerlin 2024: https://www.allesimfluss.berlin/wasserzeichenberlin

Dialogue + CleanUp at the Landwehrkanal

Dialogue + Cleanup at the Landwehrkanal 

Wednesday, 12 Juli 2023


Meeting point: 17:00 Uhr at Urbanhafen on the field in front of the boat restaurant "Van Loon" 

Duration: 17:00 - 21:00


On Wednesday, 12 July, we will join you in cleaning the Landwehrkanal of plastic and other rubbish. We will start at 5 pm.

The Landwehrkanal is an important recreational area for the people of Berlin. Unfortunately, a high number of visitors also means pollution of all kinds. From disposable plastic packaging to bottles and cigarette butts, the water and wildlife of the Landwehrkanal are severely affected by litter and plastic pollution.

In order to raise awareness among users and give the canal back its charm, the Clean River Project e.V. and the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. in cooperation with the Wassernetz Berlin invite you to a kayak cleanup and discussion.

We will provide rubbish collection equipment and at least 20 boat places. If you are not able to participate at short notice, please contact us so that the space can be reallocated. If you have your own boat or SUP, you can of course simply bring it along. All those who prefer solid ground under their feet are welcome to join in on land.

A former researcher from the IGB Berlin, Christine Beusch, will be present to discuss the risks of nicotine pollution for water bodies and organisms in more detail.

Please register here to reserve a boat place.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Bender This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Franziska Braunschädel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dialogue in the framework of the Umweltfestival - Wassernetz Berlin

Dialogue in the framework of the Umweltfestival
Sunday, 4 June 2023
At the Brandenburger Tor - Platz des 18. März and Straße des 17. Juni
GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. Stand No. 151 // 11 am - 7 pm



At the 28th Umweltfestival at the Brandenburger Tor, the stand of GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. will offer a diverse programme and present the projects of the association. The GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. is a proud partner of Wassernetz Berlin and is pleased to invite you to a dialogue event as part of the Umweltfestival.

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2nd Dialog at the Packereigraben - Wassernetz Berlin

Dialogue at the Packereigraben, Berlin-Reinickendorf

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Meeting point: 11 am S-Bf. Waidmannslust | Duration: 11 am - 2 pm




At the 2nd dialogue at the Packereigraben we will continue our chemical-physical measurements and look for small aquatic animals again. As at the last dialogue in April, the chemical-physical analysis will cover pH, dissolved oxygen, total phosphorus concentration, ammonium, nitrate and nitrite, water hardness and copper value.


Comparing our observations between April and June will give us an idea of how conditions have developed. Observing small animals under the binocular will allow us to identify developments in specific animal populations. Together with you, we would like to discuss further steps for the ecological improvement of the watercourse based on the observations. In addition, we will reintroduce gravel into the watercourse.

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Dialogue event in the Fluss Bad Garden - Wassernetz Berlin

Dialogue in the Fluss Bad Garden am Spreekanal, Berlin-Mitte

Thursday, 4 May 2023

Time: 19-20:30 | Place: Sperlingsgasse 1, 10178 Berlin


The Wassernetz Berlin as Guest in the Fluss Bad Garden

The European legal framework contains relevant requirements for water protection, but their implementation in Berlin is progressing only slowly. How can we counteract the further degradation of aquatic habitats in Berlin and what opportunities for practical civic engagement are offered by Wassernetz Berlin, which was founded in January this year, especially in the catchment area of the Stadtspree?

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