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LEAG cannot impose conditions for earlier coal phase-out

Commenting on today's visit of the Federal Minister of Economics to the coal company LEAG, the environmental network GRÜNE LIGA points out that an earlier coal phase-out is necessary and does not need the company's consent:

"LEAG's mining plans are absolutely incompatible with the 1.5 degree target. In view of the fact that the Nochten opencast mine has no permit whatsoever to operate after 2026, an earlier coal phase-out does not have to be bought off from LEAG with concessions. No more mining areas must be permitted whose consequential damage to the general public is incalculable," says René Schuster of the GRÜNE LIGA.

 Both the general operating plan and the water-law permit for the Nochten opencast mine are only valid until 31 December 2026. For the dismantling of the special field Mühlrose, which is still claimed by the company, it has not yet filed a mining or water permit application. To date, the responsible authorities have not received any concepts for dealing with the consequential damage of the opencast mine.

Schuster continues: "At present, not even LEAG's current corporate structure is transparent. The Czech oligarch Křetinský regularly restructures his empire in such a way that he passes on all the risks of his lignite business to the general public. Such interlocutors should be treated with caution by democratic governments."

In autumn 2022, LEAG had announced that it would merge its mining and power plant divisions. However, this involved two separate public limited companies. Enquiries about the new legal structure of the company have not yet been answered.

Background research on the EPH Group by the Czech platform re-set (English, 36 MB)


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