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1st Main Riverfilmfest
From Tuesday, 14 March 2023
To Sunday, 26 March 2023
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Advance notice: 1st Main Riverfilmfest in March 2023

2023, a river film festival is to take place on the Main for the very first time. And not just in one city, but in several cinemas along the course of the river from its source to its mouth. In this way, it will become clear that the Main River connects people over 500 km and is our common responsibility.

The 1st Main FlussFilmFest will be organised in March 2023 by Flussparadies Franken e.V. and Netzwerk Main in cooperation with the Living Rivers Foundation and other partners. It is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs. The opening will take place on 14 March, the International Day of Action against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life (World Dam Day) in Bayreuth. The final event will be a matinee in Frankfurt am Main on 26 March. An international selection of environmental and outdoor short films will be shown.

 A trailer is available here: https://www.living-rivers.eu/en/events-1/1st-main-riverfilmfest

The events will take place on:

  • Tuesday, 14 March at franz & gloria– Bayreuth
  • Wednesday, 15 March at Neuen Filmbühne– Lichtenfels
  • Friday, 17 March at Odeon/Lichtspiel– Bamberg
  • Friday, 17 March at Roxy– Kitzingen
  • Saturday, 18 March at Central im Bürgerbräu– Würzburg
  • Saturday, 18 March at Film-Photo-Ton Museum Huttenschloss - Gemünden a.Main
  • Sunday, 19 March at Capitol Kino– Zeil a. Main
  • Sunday, 19 March at KuK – Kino & Kneipe– Schweinfurt
  • Sunday, 19 March at Burg-Lichtspiele - Karlstadt
  • Monday, 20 March at Capitol Kino– Zeil a. Main
  • Thursday, 23 March at Movie im Luitpoldhaus– Marktheidenfeld
  • Thursday, 23 March at Filmklubb– Offenbach
  • Thursday, 23 March at Schloß-Theater - Miltenberg
  • Saturday, 25 March at Casino Filmtheater– Aschaffenburg
  • Sunday, 26 March at Harmonie– Frankfurt a. Main 

Let's celebrate free rivers, clean water and freshwater life! More about the programmes and venues coming soon on : https://www.riverfilmfest.eu and www.mainflussfilmfest.de

and: https://www.facebook.com/Maininitiative/         

and: https://www.instagram.com/netzwerk.main/?hl=de          


Become a river rescue:in - WWF competition

Our rivers are sick! They are dyked, canalised, dammed and diverted - and thus can no longer fulfil their ecological functions.

The alarming state of the rivers is caused, among other things, by countless barriers that prevent the transport of nutrients and "river construction material" and interrupt the vital migratory movements of many organisms. Many of these blockages are decades old and have long since fallen into disuse. Together with you, we want to remove these unnecessary barriers and allow the rivers to flow freely again.

The competition

With funds from the German Postcode Lottery, we are supporting three deconstructions of transverse structures throughout Germany as part of the "Living Rivers" project in 2023 and 2024. We will provide up to 30,000 euros for each restoration. 

How can you access these funds? It's very simple!

All information can be found here: www.wwf.de/themen-projekte/projektregionen/fluesse-bayern/dam-removal/werden-sie-flussbefreier 

You can watch the trailer of the competition here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfpAe2LHSKw 


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