Dieser Wald ist der Kohlegrube im Weg
Geplante Pestizidreduktion – Sprecht jetzt Eure EU-Abgeordneten an
Wir vernetzen Initiativen gegen den Raubbau an oberflächennahen Rohstoffen
Europas letzte wilde Flüsse retten!
Wir kämpfen für den rechtzeitigen Ausstieg und ein Verbot neuer Tagebaue
Jetzt Fördermitglied der GRÜNEN LIGA werden!

Protest at the opencast mine in Lusatia on 25 June!

230507_demo5_400x267-equal.jpgDuring these weeks, the German government is presumably negotiating behind the scenes with the coal company LEAG about the timetable for the coal phase-out. The timetable threatens to be so slow that it will make it impossible to reach the 1.5 degree target!
We will put pressure on them and see you on 25 June at the LEAG open-cast mine Welzow-Süd! The GRÜNE LIGA Federal Contact Point Lignite supports the demonstration announced by Fridays for Future. On 7 May there was already a successful joint demonstration at the Nochten open-cast mine. Review here

There will be shuttles from Neupetershain station from 11 am, the demonstration will start at 12 pm.

A study by the German Institute for Economic Research has shown that a maximum of 205 million tonnes of coal may still be used to generate electricity in Lusatia (from January 2022) if Germany's CO2 emissions are to remain compatible with the 1.5 degree target. LEAG has so far planned more than three times this amount. In order to enforce its plans, the company has also applied to the mining authority for the expropriation of land.

Bienen und Bauern retten


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