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WORLD RIVERS DAY on the Oder - Call for participation! 

 #SAVEODERDIE #saveor 

2saveoderdie.png5 September, 2 pm 

WORLD RIVERS DAY on the Oder - Call for participation! 

On 25 September 2022, the World Rivers Day will take place. To mark this occasion, we are planning a canoe action on the Oder in Kienitz (Oderbruch) at 14:00. 


Together we want to raise awareness of the importance of rivers and honour their important function as lifelines of the earth. 


After the recent catastrophe that happened right in front of our eyes without us being able to intervene or get hold of the polluters, we want to remember the millions of living beings that were wiped out in just one moment without any consideration. 


We all know that we cannot exist without clean water. Therefore, we want to raise awareness against water pollution and work to restore our rivers to their original form. 


Come to Kienitz on the Oder on 25 September at 2 pm and paddle along! 

Respected experts will also be invited to report on the Oder. 

We are looking forward to creative banners, signs and other contributions. 

Please forward this press release to interested people and draw their attention to our petition https://innn.it/Fischsterben. 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Website: https://saveoderdie.net/ 

BUND Info Point Oderbruch: www.uferloos.de/bund-infopunkt-oderbruch/ 


The Kienitz Citizens' Initiative stands in solidarity with the "Action Alliance Living Oder". This alliance of several environmental and nature conservation organisations has been fighting for the preservation of the Oder's unique ecosystem for several years. https://saveoder.org/ 


If you would like to donate for the Oder, you can do so via the "Action Alliance Living Oder" here under "Donate to SaveOder": https://rewilding-oder-delta.com/spenden/ 



BUND Info Point Oderbruch 


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