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Dialogue at the Ecomarket - Wassernetz Berlin

Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_16.08.46.pngThe GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V., together with a tip: tap, will present their activities in the context of the newly founded and cross-association Wassernetz Berlin at the Ökomarkt on Kollwitzplatz on 9 March 2023 (12-17 h). Here in the catchment area of the Stadtspree, we would also like to get into conversation with people interested in water bodies on the question of what can be done for water retention and rain infiltration in the neighbourhood.

The pilot project Wassernetz Berlin, financed by the LOTTO Foundation Berlin, was launched in Berlin on 20 January 2023. The aim of the project is, among other things, to present and support measures for the protection and ecological upgrading of watercourses and lakes in Berlin and to implement them on 19 watercourses themselves in order to preserve and restore the natural biodiversity of our watercourses, also in order to realise the goal of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) of achieving a "good ecological status of all watercourses in Europe".

To raise awareness and provide the general public with understanding tools, we and other partners in the Water Network organise dialogue events on this topic.
Discover more about the Water Network here: www.wassernetz-berlin.de

 At the Ecomarket on 9 March, we will present our actions and the upcoming dialogue series for the period April to June 2023. From practical investigation of water bodies to litter collection, we offer various activities for all ages and target groups. The events will take place in different districts of Berlin and will always be linked to water bodies (themes). Kollwitzplatz is located in the catchment area of the Stadtspree. What can be done for it in the neighbourhood? We look forward to talking to you about this. We are also always looking for interested and motivated people who want to help us restore these important ecosystems, especially the action waters of the water network. Also joining us on 9 March is the a tip: tap water bar, where you can enjoy a glass of tap water and test your water knowledge on the quiz wheel.

As both GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. and a tip: tap are members of the Blue Community Berlin, this will also be an opportunity to address other topics related to water. Blue Community Berlin advocates for the recognition of water as a common good and access to water for all as a human right. Blue Community Berlin's latest exhibition shows the roles of different actors in the thematic areas of in the thematic areas: Human right to water, water as a common good, water protection, promotion of tap water, etc.

Discover more about Blue Community Berlin here: http://bluecommunityberlin.de


For any information or question on the dialogues organised by the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V., please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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